Marilyn & Curtis Lundblad
"After residing in a 3000 square foot home for 20 plus years, it was necessary to retire to a 500 square foot 'Senior Living' apartment. I chose Marilyn's company because of their reputation as efficient and reliable and I have been completely satisfied with my choice. Marilyn Clancey supplied everything necessary to carry out 100% of the things needed to downsize me to my new apartment. My new home is spacious, organized and comfortable. It feels like home."
Curtis E. Lundblad

Happy Customers
"We hired Marilyn's company to move us from our 3 bedroom home to a 2 bedroom apartment in a retirement community. The entire move was conducted quickly and smoothly with superior efficiency and consideration. They completed the project with minimal stress on my wife, Micki. I would recommend this moving assistance to anyone planning a similar transition."
Jim Skarsten

Marilyn & Rose Johnson
"Moving from a 3 bedroom home to a 1 bedroom apartment, Marilyn gave me direction as to what to take and how to get rid of the rest. She was supportive in all ways. I did not wear myself out because Marilyn did most of the work. I would recommend Marilyn any time. She helped me so much."
Rose Johnson

Joy Butterfield
"Marilyn is the best! She is efficient, thoughtful and she made moving easier. She presented downsizing choices in such a way that didn't make us feel foolish for keeping certain things. It was a pleasure to see her, like when an old friend comes over."
Joy Butterfield

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