A Daughter Loving Her Mother...

You must feel like I did. Someone you love desperately needs help!

That's how I got started in helping seniors and their family with moving and relocating. Someone I cared for and loved, my Mom, needed to transition out of her home of 56 years to a retirement community.

Before her move, my Mother had hurt herself several times, been in and out of the hospital and then finally accepted that she was managing the responsibilities of her house with great difficulty.

The truth is, when my Mother hurt herself and went to the hospital again, my brother, sister and I had to quickly figure out how to help my Mother with her transition.

We had to help her:

You see, I lived 3,000 miles away. I had to take time off work to be with my Mom BUT then I had to return home to my life and family.

Most adult children and other family members feel ill-equipped handling this kind of transition.

Fortunately for me at the time, I wasn't totally out of my league because I had a lot of previous moving experience plus years of knowledge working as a professional organizer. And fortunately for me, I had my brother and sister close by my Mother.

BUT, when it involved MY Mom, everything was hyper sensitive and agonizing because I wanted to do things to ease my Mother's stress. Moving is stressful for anyone, but is especially difficult for senior citizens who may have lived in their home for several decades.

Well, the end of my story is a happy one. My Mom quickly got into the thick of things at her retirement community. She made friends with the other residents and the staff, she enjoyed playing cards on a daily basis, she lost weight even though she ate three good square meals a day, her health improved (no hospital visits), she thought her apartment was cute and cozy and she still had lots of friends visiting.

A couple of months after moving, my Mom revealed to me that she should have moved years before she did.

My company's job is to move our senior clients and help their adult children or family - with compassion and care. Because we do this job full time, we have proven methods that:

We want to help! We can offer you peace of mind and a hand to hold - we've been where you are so we can gently guide you through. Call Marilyn Clancey today @ (519) 251-1741